Bikini Styles: Thong Bikini

Posted by admin on Monday, August 22, 2011

The thong bikini is a swimsuit that consists of a typical bikini top (usually a string top) with thong bikini bottoms. The thong provides minimal coverage for the crotch but leaves the buttocks almost entirely bare, allowing only a thin strap of fabric between the butt cheeks. The thong bikini is currently a popular and extremely sexy style, and many women purchase a model of it each year.

The thong bikini began in the 1970s and was introduced to the American market by the maker of the monokini, Rudi Gernreich. The thong is supposed to have been inspired by the traditional garb of Amazonian tribes in Brazil. Like so many other swimsuit designs that have been inspired by the sexy style of Brazilian beaches, the thong quickly gained popularity after its introduction to the American market.

Having experienced only short-lived success with his topless monokini a decade earlier, Gernreich decided to experiment with a bottomless swimsuit style instead. Aptly recognizing the new American fascination with the upper thighs and buttocks, Gernreich sought to introduce a new swimsuit that would capitalize on this fascination. The original thong swimsuit was available in three models: a tank one-piece suit, a two-piece bikini, and a topless swimsuit with thong bottoms only. While the thong would prove to be popular at its introduction in the 1970s, its absolute minimalist style would actually result in a popular resurgence of the one-piece swimsuit throughout the 1980s.

The thong bikini is flattering and sexy on only a very small percentage of women. Because the bottoms offer very little fabric coverage, it is important to be toned in the butt and thighs before attempting to wear a thong bikini. While the thong bikini can be incredibly provocative and sexy on the right body, the majority of women will appear more attractive and toned in a swimsuit that offers a bit more coverage in the buttocks.

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